Expedition to Sleeper Island

Assault on the Gnoll Camp

Tales of Shiisthel the Bard #5

After the walk with the new faces and a relaxing night in the tavern the Mayor came in looking for a bunch of battle hardened adventures. 

"We've got word of a bunch of Gnolls that have setup camp and are getting ready to attack once more, we need the bunch of you go out and take care of those darn gnolls"

This task was easier said then done, but we didn't know that at the time, so the 6 of us, Caleb, Shiisthel, Brie, Vol, Varis, Scoria, accepted the request and our faith with it.

On our track towards the the camp we came across a group of bandits who were toying and playing a very harsh game with a smaller male, the group couldn't stand idly by so we intervened.

We found a flag, with a bird on it below the sun, it was a bird like no other quite unique and special, Varis took it with him.

Vol wanted us to remain cool and not pick a fight but the leader of the group of bandits didn't like the readied firebolt and our group with weapons in hand, so he shot Scoria with his crossbow.

The fight was quick and frantic, but with the death of the leader the other bandits didn't have any fight left in them and ran off, we didn't give chase we were focused on the poor man.

The man is named Kevin, he is part of the guard of a small village and his group got slaughtered with by the Bandits.

"Thank you for saving me, I owe you all my life, I would have been death if you didn't stop them." -Kevin

"You can repay your debt by joining the guard of White Moon Cove, you can even make a good living there." -Shiisthel

"If, if they will have me I would gladly join." – Kevin

Varis gave him 10 gold pieces and told him it's a gift, without the need to repay him.
Kevin said he is forever. We have sent Kevin to join the Guard and moved on towards the Gnoll camp.

When we arrived at the Gnoll camp, Varis casted Invisibility on me and Brie and told us to check the camp. After Brie disapeared I moved towards the front of the camp and went through the front gate, the Gnoll's didn't see me but reacted to my presence perhaps they like the smell of Yuan-Ti. I didn't see Brie but I heard some grunts and scattering of rocks, I believe Brie had some trouble climbing the cliff side.

After I came into the camp, a shaman, wizard or prophet looked at me and casted a spell. I remembered that ugly Kobold Prophet in my mind and I froze for a moment, feeling the lightning again strike through my body and I knew I couldn't let it happen again, I ducked to the side as faerie fire descended around me. I knew I had to get away from that Shaman, I really don't like those vile magic users.

I ran back to Vol and while invisible I whispered in his ear asking for help, mostly to calm my nerves and my mind, he told me to get back in there and do my thing. 

I moved towards one of the tents on the outskirts and a Gnoll jumped towards me trying to slash at me, blood fell into the white snow and his frenzy was on, in his mind if it bleeds I can kill it took hold and so he tried.

This foul beast had the audacity to strike at me! So I slapped him in his face with the palm of my hand, removing my invisibility and putting myself at risk. Why did I do that? Why would I do something so foolish? What is with these creatures that just makes me want to kill them put them out of their misery. 

The combat ensued quickly a beast put me down, Vol managed to bring me back with great happiness and pain I tanked him but it wasn't to be this beast wanted me dead and so I fel down again and again Vol was there for me. Varis quickly dispoved of this Alpha Gnoll and Caleb was fighting 3 and Scoria 4 others within seconds Scoria went down and I shouted at her to get back up, my words infused with magic and she did but as I looked at her getting up the beasts around her smirked for their feast just became more fun as they all slashed at scoria and took bites out of her, quickly there wasn't much left of her, just pieces here and there. Directly after this Caleb let out a scream and was also felled. He didn't make it as they converged on his body in a lust for blood and they slaughtered what remained of him.

Vol and I knew we had to get out of here, looking around we didn't see Brie and her pet anymore, they had already left long ago, feeling what was coming.

So we ran, Vol and I ran from the bloodied corpses that we used to call friends, it pained us and we took shots at them to cover our retreat but there was no other way for us.

There was another way for Varis, unsure what he wanted to do and unsure where he was going but Varis ran towards the Gnolls and disappeared from sight with an invisibility spell.

We saw from a distance that the Gnolls were converging on his last known location as the horns of battle went off and a good dozen or more Gnolls came up from the hill tops and converged on his location, he was going to make it, they didn't know where he was there were all just slashing around trying to get him, until.

Until he showed up, a Gnoll like no other. Not a shaman, not a fighter or an archer.

A Gnoll that was menacing, I could clearly see it even from such a distance, wearing long robes this Gnoll held out his claw and casted a spell and we saw Varis appear, now surrounded and his faith sealed, there was no escape.

Vol and I made our way back to town where we met up with Brie and we all could use a drink.


Koreapsu DarkGM

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