Expedition to Sleeper Island

Avenging the Ruined Pillars

"an excerpt from the unpublished memoirs of Charron Ash"

I arrived in the town of White Moon and no sooner had my boots set upon the town common when the Mayor himself came up to greet me. Word of my prowess as an archer had no doubt reached even this forsaken island well in advance of my arrival. "Oi Oi!" pled the mayor: "we'ven ovah run by Gnolls! 'Ideous curs, dog-men I calls 'em! Won'tcha do somfin?". While a task like this is well below what usually merits my attention, I, Charron Ash felt compelled by the Mayors pitiful blubbering. "I will rid your town of this plague, as I have done for countless others." I reassured him. The Mayor fell to his knees and thanked me  profusely, and insisted he would supply me with a retinue for this quest.

While I required no help, I thought it would be rude to turn down the Mayors offer. He scratched together a meager party who would accompany me:

Friggus Albus, a Ranger from the wild outlands,

Rezzocanezzen, a spellcaster of some noble gnomish house,

Shin, a fellow half elf, who proclaimed devotion to Tyr but rarely spoke

and lastly: Fizz, a curious black feathered fellow who spoke only in borrowed voices

I welcomed my new traveling companions, an odd lot for certain, but surely good company. We had not traveled far when we came upon a wandering trader. Needing nothing, I let my companions haggle and barter with the cheery dwarf. While they dickered over prices I scanned the horizon, ever vigilant. I spied two plumes of acrid smoke rising to the west! I tossed the dwarf a few coins for his trouble and rushed off towards the rising smoke!

Sprinting fearlessly westward I soon came upon a hideous sight- Gnolls cavorting as the twin pillars burned! I made short work of the closest Gnoll, pinning an arrow between his eyes. Once my compatriots saw the ease with which I felled the beast, they joined in too. A volley of arrows, bolts and errant javelins was loosed upon the remaining curs. I put the remaining wounded gnoll out of its misery with an expert shot. In the confusion and crossfire, I permitted a lone Gnoll to escape, knowing full well that he would lead me to my true quarry. As my companions fussed with a stubborn mule, I set out to track down the fugitive Gnoll.

Just as I had deduced, the fleeing Gnoll led me directly to his encampment. A filthy mound teeming with the wild dog-men, an army of overgrown curs lay before me. I counted their numbers against my quiver of arrows, and saw that the Gnolls were clearly outnumbered. I readied my bow but was interrupted when the brush behind me erupted in hushed voices. My retinue had followed me to the foot of the Gnoll War camp, and now I was faced with a choice. Surely I could exterminate these vermin, but could I guarantee the safety of my wards? While these mangy beasts were no match for me, could these greenhorns fare half as well in a gnoll counterattack? No, I decided. Discretion being the better part of valor I withdrew from the encampment and ushered my wards safely away. 

We camped the night in the shadow of the burning pillars. Sometime in the late darkness a massive vulture swept into camp and tried to make off with one of my compatriots. I put the vile thing down with my longsword. In the morning I led the beleaguered and rag-tag crew home to White Moon with fewer Gnoll scalps on my belt than I had hopped. In gratitude for my wizened leadership the party members gifted me a bottle of healing potion, and I left them to squabble over the few coins we had scratched up along the way.

Once back in White Moon, I began again to lay out my arrows, for I had overheard the Gnoll commanders plan. In a days time they would be reinforced, and at strength to attack their "hated enemy". They would be coming to White Moon. They would be coming for Me.


Great log, was an absolute joy to read. You enbody your character well in this log.

While Shin talked a bit (through the chat mostly due to the complications). He is usually overly talkative. To other peoples annoyance if he did not have this aura of wonder and optimism around him.

I really like the character, he is boastfull and arogant without being overbearing. Will be nice to see how it develops in future sessions.


Avenging the Ruined Pillars
Koreapsu Amarainthe

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