Expedition to Sleeper Island

Entry 1

Dear Umberlee, my goddess,

Today I washed ashore an island that I am not yet entirely familiar with. It was cold and full of sleet, but manageable. I met several locals who I decided to aid in their mission to negotiate with a tortle of importance. While I was not personally invested in meeting the tortle, I thought it would be best to get to know some people. Afterall, this is going to be my home for a long while. I don't think that I will be welcomed back to Waterdeep anytime soon.

Although we didn't actually get to our end goal, I did meet some of the nature fauna and creatures of these lands and seas. Goblins are apparently a problem to the locals, but the fact that we were able to make peace gives me the idea that they aren't nearly as aggressive as the ones back home. They left a note in goblin. My crewmates told me that they were going to get somebody to translate it for us. 

One thing that I was really impressed by, however, were the sahuagin. Good fighters they be. I hope that I can make allies with them in the future. They rode sharks into battle, a skill that I only dream of achieving. As they were aggressive, I did need to defend myself and my crew and kill a few. I wish this not to happen in the future. You never know though, maybe it is not meant to be. 

None the less, my crewmates were skilled and we all made it back alive, something that I was told was quite uncommon in these parts. I suppose that I will be going on more missions soon, hopefully taking better record as I get some new tools. Anyways, ale awaits. I was informed that there is a nice tavern in the local town. I should be going. I will write more to you later my goddess.

- Orabel Archneie


Great log!

Entry 1
Koreapsu Orabel_Archneie

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