Expedition to Sleeper Island

Finding Dangers on the Ishah Plain

Nas' Impromptu

The following is a page that is to be written and delivered to the Mayor of White Moon Cove. 

Author's Note: These accounts have been written and recorded several days after the occurrence of said events within. Some accounts may not be accurate, though they shall be written in a manner as to avoid inconsistencies – Malgan Blackhand.

I, Malgan Blackhand, faithful servant of Oghma the Binder, bring to you a written record of the happenings experienced during a patrol. The original objective of said patrol was to find, track, and record any and all Gnoll activity we come across. We found them, but just the same we came across quite a few more dangers:

  1. Firstly, just to the north-west of our humble town of White Moon Cove, I stumbled upon a large  grouping of tracks. The seemed to be heading towards the forests to the north, and I discerned their origins to be that of kobold. 

    • Now, upon further examination on my arrival back to town, it seems that a few of our fellow explorers on this island have encountered a similar scene. Something about a gnome gathering kobolds? I couldn't gleam much, but what I can surmise from this is that they are not friendly, and yet they were traveling only a few miles outside of town… This is mildly concerning to say the least. 
  2. Next, our patrol came across a rather large dragon flying across the plains. It too seemed to be making its way to the forests to the north for unknown reasons. It was carrying something unknown in its mouth, and avoided us. 

    • It should go without saying why a dragon so close to town is… concerning.
    • The Dragon's color was green.
    • It completely ignored us. 
  3. After this, we came across what I feel is the most concerning, worrying me far more than some angry Gnolls. Our patrol happened upon a group of glowing, rat-like creatures called Cranium Rats. 

    • These hideous creatures are used by the sinister <u>Mind Flayers</u> to scout their surroundings. 
    • MIND
    • Sir, I don't think I have to tell you this, but I feel I should emphasis my terror. Mind Flayers are not to be taken lightly. They are more diabolical than even the most tyrannical dragon. And they are at our doorstep, more than likely. I suggest having some of the more experienced among us take a look into this menace… and if not, to avoid any contact with these rats or any other creature associated with those terrible beings. 
  4.  Next is less concerning, and quite a bit hopeful actually. After fleeing the hideous Cranium Rats, we found shelter among a small grove of trees in the plains. 

    • During the night we were ambushed by gnolls. They were quickly dispatched, and one was taken prisoner.
    • Later in the night, however, as we were disposing of one of the bodies, an arrow found itself lodged into the skull of the gnoll captive (A tragic loss. He would have been quite useful.). 
    • This arrow belonged to a fey creature of unknown specificity, with a warning to leave the forest. It seems tying the gnoll to the tree was what set it off. This, I was told, was quite a kind reaction from the fey.
    • THE POINT BEING: These fey seem to hate the gnolls as much as we do, and seem… at least willing to not kill us on sight.
    • I suggest we seek them out once more, to work out some kind of agreement.
  5. Last, and probably… the strangest really, we found some kind of… displacement of magic? I don't quite know how to describe it, but around 12 miles due west of town is a place of strange occurrences.

    • Most of us felt something… off when traveling there. All of us could not describe exactly what  we were feeling, just that something was off.
    • One of us, Alagoas, decided to test a theory of his. Upon casting a spell in this area, he first lost his hair completely. Before reacting to that, he was turned into a sheep. Later, he was teleported in front of us, then made to glow brightly… At one point music emanated from his being. I am not sure as to the correct order of these, but I'm not sure it rightly mattered.
    • POINT BEING: Avoid this area at all costs. Do not cast spells in this area. 

What to take out of this, dear mayor, is that we have many dangers beyond the gnolls that are right on our doorstep. Do not despair, however, as we seem to have allies in the forests, which I say are worth looking after. 


Koreapsu Matthos

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