Expedition to Sleeper Island

First Day on the island

Today was my first Encounter on Sleeper Island. We left in the morning from town and moved North towards the Neathy Woods. We passed Through the pillars and i felt a sensation of calm wash over me as if i was empowered. While heading out from White Moon we saw a strange set of travelers. They seemed a little mysterious and the leader said they were bringing in merchants. Maybe it was just that they all seemed so tired and it was extremely cold that they seemed out of place. After that we kept traveling north and stopped for lunch as Balthasar hunted and caught us rabbits and made a stew. After lunch we set out again towards the Neathy Woods and came across a small body of water. This is when a Orog came out from the shadows to attack us. Then appeared three other orcs from behind, two archers and a battleborn Orc. After a long fight and many bloodied companions we defeated them but not without the cost of Emmerick's Life and he will be missed. After looting the bodies we then carried Emmrick's Body back with us making a quick stop at a spring that seemed a little unusual as it wasn't frozen in such cold weather. We then arrived back in town to divy up loot and lay Emmerick to rest.


Koreapsu Monoceros1123

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