Expedition to Sleeper Island

Gnoll Patrol

Ayas's Journal Entry #1

Adventure Log from Nastaris's Impromptu mission on Jan 2, 2018

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From the journal of the half-elf, Ayas. Written in elvish:

We were sent on a patrol to track a band of raiding gnolls.

Heading west-by-northwest our first contact was with a massive green dragon. Thankfully he either didn’t see us or had no interest in us. Those who didn’t run simply stared up in awe as he flew over. I must admit, seeing one of the beings from which my own magic draws power is always emotional.

A few hours later we came across lights moving in the plains grass ahead of us. Further investigation led to the realization that the lights were actually glowing rats, apparently creatures that are used by a mindflayer as spies. After that realization, and defending ourselves from them quickly, we decided it was best not to stay put even though the day was getting late.

The first suitable campsite we found was infested with wolves, which we spotted in time to avoid. It wasn’t that I minded clearing out the beasts, but our orc friend seemed keen on not getting into another fight.

The second suitable campsite we found seemed suspiciously clear, though none of us found anything to warn of a problem, so we bedded down for the night with a fire due to the cold. Malgun and I took the first watch. An hour into the watch I was nearly hit by a pair of arrows flying from one of the denser parts of the grove. Bad aim, sheer luck, and my own reflexes saved me from what would likely have been certain doom. I was able to duck behind a large boulder and wake the party while returning fire with my crossbow.

Poor Eleti was able to down one of the foul creatures before being shot out of the tree she had chosen to sleep in. Fenrir joined me behind the boulder and fired at the Gnolls. A flanking gnoll took out Malgan as he was attempting to see to Eleti. At that point my anger got the better of me and I lashed out with lightning, completely obliterating the flanking Gnoll as Alagos and Fenrir downed the remaining foul things.

After bringing the orc and Eleti back around we searched the gnolls and stabilized one. Using rope Malgun and I bound it and strung it from a tree for safekeeping during the night as no-one had any healing magic left in them. Our intent was to interrogate the gnoll or even to bring it back to the Cove for interrogation. Alas, we did not get to.

The second watch passed without incident. The third watch, however, was not so lucky. We were woken to the sound of a herd of stampeding creatures, though the type we knew not. Malgun and I discerned that it was possible that the herd was running from a predator and I doused the fire quickly before we moved the dead gnolls several hundred yards away.

On returning the the campsite the herd was obviously moving on but our Gnoll captive was found still hanging from the tree with an arrow between his eyes. A note in Sylvan on the arrow read “Leave these woods now or you’ll meet a fate worse than this.” Being the only one capable of reading and speaking Sylvan, I translated then turned to openly speak to the obviously hidden Fey creatures and announced our intentions to follow their instructions and convey our apologies for stumbling into their home.

Retrieving our rope and leaving the gnoll corpse for the fey we left the grove post-haste. We got maybe 300 feet from the grove when another letter dropped a mere few feet in front of me with a cloth with Sylvan scrawled across it: “That was your last warning! Don’t come back or tie another one of those damned things to the trees.”

Upon this we decided it was best to head directly back to town to report our findings in the hopes that other groups will know to avoid that grove at least until more amicable relations can be established with that group of Fey.

On the way, we found ourselves in an oddly energized area. An energy so subtle that even I did not notice or feel anything abnormal. Eleti and Alagos did however. Poor Alagos said he wanted to test a theory and before I could question the wisdom of such a decision he cast “false-life” on himself. Immediately his hair began to fall out. Malgun began running for town in fright.

As I tried to understand this unnatural reversal of magic Alagos shimmered in a light and morphed into a sheep. Being unaware of if his mental faculties were intact, I quickly tied a lead around his sheep’s neck with my rope and began quickly leading him back to town. At this, Eleti and Fenrir both followed Magun’s example and ran for town as quickly as possible.

It quickly became clear to me that Alagos didn’t retain his mental acumen as he fought hard to get away, bringing me down to the ground and forcing the lead from my hands. As I righted myself and assumed him lost as he ran the opposite way I turned to head back to town and found myself staring him down several hundred feet ahead of me.

I was barely able to chase him down and regain the lead in order to try to bring him back with me. Eventually we arrived at town even though more oddities began to affect our poor compatriot. He grew a beard of feathers and urinated grease all over himself and the ground and began to glow brightly each time a change was upon him.

After getting back to town the poor fellow regained his form again, though still bald and wearing a beard of feathers fastly stuck to his face. I retrieved my gear and found Malgun in the tavern drinking, so I decided to join him after filing a report of our findings as we divied up our small gains.


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