Expedition to Sleeper Island

Gnolls on Centaur Island

After several long hours of Town Hall politics, during which everyone tried to pitch their ideas on dealing with the Gnolls and other issues, Balthasar was happy to be outside again. Walking together with Zix, Balthasar wanted to discuss a few things in greater detail with his Cleric friend. But instead of getting a chance to have some peaceful discussion, the pair happened upon Mayor Barro Godwyn, having a discussion with a Centaur.
Blathasar had heard many things about the Centaurs east of White Moon Cove, and his interest piqued, the pair made their way over to the Mayor. There, they found that they were not alone in their curiosity, for
Ingrid, Charron Ash and Orabel had also wandered up.

Just as the five of them came within earshot, the Mayor seemed to have finished his conversation, and spotting the adventurers, quickly gestured them to come over. The Mayor explained that the Centaur, Tressor, had come to ask for assistance, and, before any of the five had any chance to say anything, he thanked them for volunteering to help the Centaurs.
After inquiring with Tressor what the problem was, the new party was told that Centaurs had been going missing in the northern parts of the island. And after the usual assurances that the adventurers would want to be be compensated for their help, and Balthasar reminding the party that what they needed was allies, not gold, Tressor agreed that a mutual beneficial friendship would naturally result from this assistance. And with that, they set off towards the bay.

As the adventurers introduced themselves to their new companions, Tressor steered his boat to a little beach on the island. While they were departing, the party witnessed a pair of Biclopses chasing after some sheep right outside of White Moon Cove. Suddenly, one of the Biclopses ran into a tree, knocking it over, which knocked over another tree, and then another. Once the dust cleared, seven trees were on their side, and the Biclopses looked very emberased, as several of the town’s people ran out to see what caused the commotion.

As the party  landed on the Centaur island, Tressor gave Charron Ash a whistle, and instructed the party that they he could use the whistle to call for the Centaur aid on the island, should they find the source of the danger and need assistance. Tressor then set off to the south, to inform Cyron, the Centaur leader.

As the party set off to the north east side of the island, they randomly happened upon a small-ish building in the middle of nowhere. Cautious at first, Balthasar saw a sign hanging from the building, proclaiming the building to be called the “Shining Moon”. At the door, the party was greeted by a Centaur called Tuluin, who explained that this was a tavern. Seeing at nightfall was quickly approaching, the party decided that this was a perfect location to make camp, and hurried inside and ordered themselves a drink. To the relief of Balthasar, the Centaurs were capable of speaking Common, if a little slowly, so the Half-Elf didn’t have to translate everything.

Centaur drink turned out to be some kind of super pure water that somehow tasted like alcohol. A very refreshing experience. After a time of drinks and fun, Balthasar asked the centaur bartender if there they also had something to eat. And they did. The party was served a delicious vegetable meal. Orabel and Zix pulled up their noses at the vegetarian meal, and Orabel decided to try her hand at fishing. Having no luck, she sulked back to the camp site outside of the inn, looking very hungry. Balthasar took pity on the pair, and conjured up a handful of Goodberries, giving the picky eaters one each. Charron Ash also took one, which he attempted to eat with cutlery.

After eating their fill, the adventurers made up their camp, set a watch order, and started their rest as the centaur inn slowly emptied. Somewhere in the middle of the night, the watch was scared awake by a sound of metal clanking on metal. After investigating, Balthasar and Charron Ash found a few rusted pots and pans, and a helmet stuck in the reeds in the river. Upon inspection, the helmet proved to be an odd one, having large holes in the side to fit big ears. Intrigued, but tired, the party resumed their rest.

The rest of the night being uneventful, the adventurers woke up rested, and after inspecting the odd helmet a little more, concluded that it was definitely not a centaur helmet, and whoever it belonged too might very well know more about the mysterious threat on the island. And thus, it was decided to follow the river upstream.
After several hours of walking, chaotic sounds and screams were heard in the distance. As the party rushed off towards it, they were met with a centaur family running from something, just as an arrow struck one of the adult centaurs and felled her. Before anyone could react, a Gnoll appeared from the bushes, and finished the fallen centaur with its spear.

Orabel quickly rushed up to place herself between the young centaurs and the Gnoll advance, and Balthasar cast an Entanglement spell on the narrow passageway that the Gnolls were coming through. While the vines failed to entangle anyone, they managed to greatly slow down the Gnoll advance, and everyone rushed up to meet them in battle.

Zix, the tiny and very annoying Kobold did an amazing job at annoying the Gnolls to such a degree that they were unable to get much done, while Orabel started stabbing with her spear, and Ingrid wacking. Balthasar morphed himself into a Dire Wolf, and on his first strike instantly knocked over a Gnoll, snarling and biting at the comparatively tiny dog creatures.
Charron Ash somehow managed to shoot himself with an arrow, and nearly died in the process, but he managed to shrug it off and kept going.

After a quick but fierce battle, as last Gnoll was ripped to shreds by Balthasar’s wolf fangs as it tried to flee, Tressor arrived behind the party. The centaur did not arrive too late for the action however, because the centaur turned out to be a powerful healer, and managed to revive the fallen centaur.

Tressor, exhausted as he was after that feat, seemed to not realize what Gnolls were, and the party quickly informed him of White Moon’s struggle with the beasts before setting off to find where the Gnolls came from. After following the tracks, the found an old, barely functional boat that must have been the source. As Orabel and Zix started making some repairs to the boat to ensure that it would not fall apart, Balthasar remembered the Town Meeting from the day before, and decided that it couldn’t hurt to ask Tressor for assistance.

Thus, the Druid walked up to the centaur and, in his best Sylvan, asked if it would be possible for Tressor to assist White Moon Cove as a professional healer. Tressor clearly thought this was a good idea, and even added his own: He would assist as both healer and ambassador to the Centaurs. And with that, Tressor set off to arrange things with Cyron, promising to move soon.

The party finished their repairs to the new town boat, and Zix realized that the random cloak that they found was actually a Cloak of Elven Kind! Orabel and Charron Ash quickly started arguing over who should have it, but in the end, Orabel managed to claim the stealthy item. The rest of the party had to be happy with gold, of which the Gnolls seemed to have quite a lot on them. Balthasar decided not to ask where they got it, and just accept it as payment.


Koreapsu Fogel

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