Expedition to Sleeper Island

Lets go for a walk

Tales of Shiisthel the Bard #4

The boat departs leaving behind a new batch of new faces.

"Welcome, welcome! New faces, nice to meet you. Tell me everything about yourselves" -Shiisthel
"It's your first time here right? Excellent, we will go for a small walk early morning. Let's go for a walk and see you can survive a small field trip." – Shiisthel

We've set out with Frost, Shiisthel, Alagos, Balthesar, Fenrir, Emerick Hearth and I wanted to show them the beautiful pillars to the west of town, they have saved my life before and it might save their life in the future, it's important to let them know about it.

The new faces were a bit hesitant about walking between the pillars but they followed us through and received a warm buzz, that might keep them alive.

After a while walking we met a caravan group of merchants being escorted by a group of open helmet guards. The first cart had some cages in it for animals but there were no animals inside.
They came from the north of the silent forest.

After the group went on Balthasar  made very nice lunch for everyone, it's nice to have a someone arrange food for me, much better then those dry rations. Must keep that Balthasar alive so he can keep feeding me.

The group was doing well so it was time for a short walk and to head home, we moved near a frozen pond, we were surprised when a Orog came out of the shadows and started to attack us, these weird Orc had to be destroyed and posed little threat to a group of our size, or so we thought.

There were more of them hiding in the snow, wearing special cold weather ghilie suits and started attacking with poisoned arrows from the back and one with dangerous spiked armored gauntlets.

Those gauntlets proved very painful as Emerick Hearth was slain quickly and pummeled to pulp. We were able to deal with the horrible beasts and quickly run to the aid of Emerick but it was too late.

This was a good but painful lessons about life and death on this island. 

We went back home, we  had to drag Emerick back which took a bit longer but we couldn't leave him there, that would have been too cold for this cold blooded girl. After arriving home we sold the suff we needed to sell and I quickly looked for a warm spot near the fire, this place is cold, oh so cold.

"I think we made a couple a nice new friends today Frost, I look forward to learn what secrets they hold" -Shiisthel


Koreapsu DarkGM

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