Expedition to Sleeper Island

New Arrivals in White Moon Cove.

Prompted by a flood of fresh bodies arriving on Sleeper Island, three  experienced explorers decided to show a few of them the ropes. Do some sightseeing.
Shiisthel, a Bard, Taman, an Artificer, and Frost, a Cleric, took on Emerick Hearth (Sorcerer), Alagos (Warlock) and Fenrir Brisingr and Balthasar, two Druids.


First order of business was the mysterious ‘Pillars’ just out of town. As the veterans looked at the rest of the party with a look of mystery in their eyes, they simply stepped through the Pillars. After some hesitation, the newbies stepped through as well, and were pleasantly surprised to find their spirits magically lifted. Everyone felt ready to take on the world.
And the world responded fast. Only moments after stepping through the Pillars, the party spotted a caravan in the distance. Manned by weary looking travellers, and a hand full of mounted guards.
The easy going Emerick Hearth quickly walked up to the caravan to great the unknown people.

The man that seemed to be the head guard kept the party at a distance, but was forthcoming enough for an exhausted traveller. The caravan claimed to came from north of the Silent Forest, and were merchants en route to White Moon. Upon taking a closer look, without getting too close to agitate the guards, Balthasar noticed that one of the wagons did not, in fact, contain a merchant’s goods, but instead a bunch of destroyed rubble. The adventuring party nonetheless watched the caravan move on towards the town, and set on moving North themselves.

Nearing Lunch time, Balthasar decided to surprise his fellow adventurers with a proper meal fit for home. The Druid quietly peeled off from the group and started hunting. As the rest of the party went about setting up a little camp site, they would occasionally see the Half-Elf dash in an out of view, until he eventually re-joined the group with his hands full of rabbits and some spices. After enjoying a great rabbit stew, the party set off again with full bellies.

A little while later, the group came upon a frozen over body of water, with on the other side, an Orog. Upon spotting the party, the Orog started moving towards the advanturers.
Upon seeing the big orc move towards them, Balthasar felt a little uneasy, and readied himself a little ball of fire with Produce Flame, just in case. The Sorcerer Emerick, meanwhile, probably took this as a queue and loosed a fireball at the Orog.

Predictably, this action sparked a fight. Alagos rushed in first, striking the Orog and taking big hits in return from a waraxe. As Frost also moved in to close the distance, and the rest of the party attacking at range, two Orc Archers emerged from behind the party, until now hidden in impressive Ghillie Suits. Shooting apparently poisoned arrows, one hit Taman, who visibly suffered under the effects of the poison the rest of the fight. Several shots that would have been amazing went wide because the pain caused him the flinch in the last second. Despite this, the Sharpshooter rained down electric fire from afar, and managed to repay the archer for his arrow, with interest.

Just as the fight against the Orog started to take a positive turn though, another Orc made himself known. A Battleborn!
Before anyone could react, the Orc had rushed up to Emerick Hearth, and hammered down a Spiked Gauntlet on the Sorcerer’s face. Emeric went down almost instantly, and with nearly lightning speed, the Orc brought his fist down again. Emeric’s skull bones caved in under the onslaught, and the man was dead before anyone could do anything.
Without hesitation, the Orc Battleborn got back up and rushed towards his next victim, Balthasar.
While shocked by the brutal death, Balthasar still managed to mount an effective defence, deflecting the hammer-like fist and managing the damage the armour of the Orc.

As the Orog fell, and the other party members rushed to save the Druid from the same faith as their Sorcerer had befallen, Shiisthel actually managed to inspire such terror into the Orc, that the fearsome beast actually turned tail and ran, giving Balthasar and Alagos a free swipe at the beast.
As Frost, the brave Cleric ran up to face the Orc Battleborn, the combined firepower of four adventurers finally felled the beast, at the same time as Taman finished extracting his payback for the poison on the Orc Archer.
Now finally back in control of the fight, the party turned to the last Archer, and quickly dispatched it.

As the fight wound down, and the adrenalin wore off,  Emerick Hearth was properly inspected, and confirmed dead. After mourning a moment, the new guys were quickly brought up to speed on the fragility of life on the Island, and the Veterans just moved on, the party turned their attention to the fallen Orcs.
One of the Ghillie Suits had survived the fight, and it proved to be a fine piece indeed. After some back and forth, Shiisthel allowed Balthasar to have the stealthy suit, and in return, Balthasar gave her his regular Winter gear.
Another item of note was a Breastplate, courtesy of the Orog. After properly washing the item, it proved a useful upgrade to Frost, who was very happy to have a little less weight on his shoulders.

After that brush with death, the party decided to finish their little expedition and return home. Slowed down by the weight of their dead friend, the adventurers finally reached the safety of home again. The remaining gear was sold, the gold split among those that had not taken any treasure. The Sorcerer was handed over to the undertaker, and everyone returned to a warm hearth, bath, or bed.


Koreapsu Fogel

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