Expedition to Sleeper Island

The Burning Sea

Two sailors were deep in their cups in the tavern.  They were complaining loudly of an encounter with pirates to anyone that would listen.  Having just stepped off the boat I was curious and sat down to listen to their story.  As the tale unfolded a large group gathered.  Several of those, me included, vowed to avenge the sailors.

We set of in the town skiff and soon discovered the wreckage.  Unfortunately, for some anyway, the cold began to affect them.  It was now late afternoon and night would soon be upon us.  We decided to seek shelter for the night on a nearby island.  

At daybreak we set off in search of the pirates, rowing along the shore of the island.  After a short time we discovered a camp.   as we closed in on the camp one of the pirates challenged.

Pirate:  "Who goes there?"

Paladin "Nobody is here"

The pirates then launched a barrage of arrows.  Several were struck with the Paladin nearly killed.  In our surprise one barbarian raged and hid behind a tree, the other severely injured retreated.  With the heroism of the Bard Elias we were able to overcome the pirate encampment after a fierce battle.  

Perhaps we should have stopped there and regrouped, but we decided to press on and rowed out to the pirate ship.  It was there that we were overcome, there were no survivors.



Koreapsu Phlynt

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