Expedition to Sleeper Island

The Worg snatch and grab.

Tales of Shiisthel the Bard #7

The smell of ale was strong today in the tavern as it was filled with discussion.
"We should go to the Tortle island to find a healer" -Alagos
"We don't have a boat." -Vol
"How about clearing out the mansion?"
"Sure, we could do that."
"We need a healer!"
"Yes let's go to the Tortle island!" -Karion
"We don't have a boat Karion, good luck if you are going to swim! I would love to watch that." -Shiisthel
"How about going to dwarves?"
"Let's go to the BlloodEye clan then to the dwarves!"

After a good night of discussion we've agreed to go to the BloodEye clan and after the BloodEye clan we will go to the Dwarves the first thing in the morning.

It was a cold morning and after walking over the road till noon where we saw a giant-sized, massive marble stair spirals up for about 150 feet into the air before ending in a large, broken platform that miraculously stayed aloft. 
Arcane runes decorated the stairs and the platform. Ghostly balls of light, like will-o’-wisps, followed us around.
We knew we had an important task at hand and we had to keep going, a few of us wanted to investigate it but we pushed on.

When we were further away Vol saw a dark giant winged lizard moving towards the place and land.
We walked for hours and when we were walking through the Forrest we were ambushed by a large group of Needle Blights.

Aginor was so ready for his first battle with new friends, that he jumps up takes the initiative and critical hit the first enemy he saw before anyone else noticed that there was a threat.
Kairon put up a force wall with his mind, I never saw something like it, but the Blights were clawing at shooting at a shimmering wall!
It was keeping them busy while we were able to focus on the others, incredibly useful!

Colbolt was dodging needles left and right they were hailing hell down upon him but none of the needles found their mark, half a dozen were focused on him at least.
Not wanting to be outside with a quick action Shiisthel shot her hand crossbow at one of the blights and destroyed it in one hit and with her confidence she acted super fast and shot at another blight destroying it as well.
A mere 12 seconds after it started it ended abruptly.

We moved on a bit and setup our camp, vol went to go out for some grub and he came back with an Elk.
I've been asked to cook the Elk, now is my time to shine! I'm going to make some some Elk blood stew, with Elk Kidney and raw Elk hearth, this is going to be a grand feast!
Vol didn't seem to like my cooking and made some nice steak, I have to say his cooking is very nice, I must take note that some people can't eat raw meat or they might become poisoned, they have weak stomachs, their food might not be as healthy but it's really tasty. 
2 Elks passed our tent in the night, some of us were worried that these Elks were blood lusting Elks coming for revenge for their fallen brother.

After a good night's rest we've set out and met with the Hobgoblin, wearing the mark of White Moon Cove we talked with Fook, the leader of the group.
He told us he is happy to trade with us and is open to relations between our two settlements but he currently has more important.
His worgs are taken by the Goblins, the Hobgoblins are at war with the Goblins and they currently do not have the man power to spare to try and get the worgs back.
If we are willing to help they are willing to do trade and we can spend the night there.

Nick the Hobgoblin captain was sent with us to take care of the worgs, he told us some of the command words such as move, kill, come and sit.

We moved over to the north to deal with the goblins that stole the worgs and we arrived at the indicated place.
There are two entrances to what appears to a dungeon, both have a stair case going down. 

Vol decided on the one on the right, Alagos following in suit and the moment he came into the dungeon Vol was attacked by goblins and Alagos was beaten to death by a spiked chain in seconds, his body unrecognizable within mere seconds.
We all came to action and started to slaughter the dozen or more goblins wearing plate amour in there, as they began to fall Vol noticed a goblin carrying a make shift bomb running towards us.
Karion kept him at distance with his mind and Vol went around a pillar to intercept him and make sure the bomb didn't set off.

When we moved on towards the next room there was a large beast standing in the hall way, a Alpha Worg he and the goblin beast master came at us follow quickly by archers and fighters.
It was a though and difficult fight in a tight corridor, there was hardly any place to move around.
Karion put up a ghostly wall with faces all over it, it prevented the enemy from moving through, this horrifying wall aided us greatly.
Asha rushed in to help bleeding Vol but her head was beaten to death by a goblin champion using a spiked chain, her head was torn apart, killing her instantly.
When the fight was almost over, I was able to charm one of the goblins to stop fighting for today and tell us everything he knew.
Nick was able to take control of the Worgs and calm them down and take over control, becoming the Alpha Nick.

The goblin complied and surrendered and he referred to Dog Man that were in the cave and probably not gnolls right? Why would the gnolls be here in a goblin outpost.
He probably referred to a beast master, a goblin dealing with dogs but maybe there is an underground gnoll cave, we didn't have time to check it out.

We saved 4 worgs, one of them an alpha and killed at least a half dozen goblins.
As we pushed on further into a cave within this dungeon we found a goblin near a mother worg with 3 pubs, we slaughtered this goblin and saved the Worgs.
We quickly pushed on and found another goblin standing near a pound torturing a worg into submission and we killed the goblin saved another worg.
When we moved on agai nwe killed another goblin in a cave and we saved two more worgs

We rushed on worg back towards the BloodEye Clan and brought the charmed goblin as a gift.
Fook was very happy to receive all his worgs back and a goblin to torture, play with and get information out of.
Fook was open to the idea of people buying Worgs in the future, they would sell for normal price but Vol, Karion, Shiisthel, Brie, Artemis kubis, Aginor and colbolt silvermace will get a sweet discount/deal if we were to purchase one due to us saving the mother worg and the other 12.

We rode back on 30 worgs back to white moon cove it was glorius.

DM terrorrize 6-Jan-2018


Koreapsu DarkGM

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