Expedition to Sleeper Island

Twin Pillars of Smoke

Heading out west of town, 5 newcomers discovered what the Gnolls were planning, and what they had already done.

We were gathered up by Major Barro, he gathered us because we were all relatively new to the island. He told us that he had a task for us that would let us be able to help the town. This task was to scout the area for “Dogmen”, as they had been a problem before. He also told us that someone had betrayed the city and killed someone with hate in his eyes.

Following the Majors simple advice on where to head Frigus was decided to lead us. We decided to head West to search the nearby area for Gnoll activity.

We came across a Dwarf fellow calling himself Celifess. He was apparently a traveling merchant, I was slow to trust him because I did not believe someone would be able to travel and survive on their own out here. At the very least not someone looking so ill equipped. The party however talked with him, tried to discuss different wares and prices. The party decided to pool their gold to buy a health potion. We bartered down the price from 50 to 36 gold but honestly, I have no idea what they are worth.

While the party was haggling with the merchant I discovered a Flame. I tried to get their attention. But they were so mesmerized by the Potion that it took until they finished buying it that we could start discussing what to do. As we headed closer one of our members noticed and shared that these flames were coming from a place that lay very close to where the Pillars we heard about in the tavern should be.

One of our members decided to scout ahead and came back with the news that indeed, these were those pillars. They were burnt to a crisp with still raging flames and there were three gnolls nearby.

We decided that this was our chance to prove ourselves and take out scouting enemies and decided to attack them. I managed to sneak up as well, even though my armor made it hard to move in without making noise. We struck the gnolls before they knew what hit them, arrows flew and one gnoll was slain before it got to act; I went up and threw my javelin, piercing one of the gnolls. At this point a fourth gnoll outside of our previous assessment saw us, and started to run for it. With my javelin sticking through him one of the gnolls rushed up and before I got my shield out found a gap in my armor and pierced me with his spear. As he gnarled at me a fire set up under him, and he brunt to a cinder. As we moved to finish of the last fighting gnoll I tried to hit him with my Warhammer, wielding it in both hands. But I was too slow and the gnoll managed to slip by. With my compatriots finishing off the last gnoll we discussed quickly if we should chase the gnoll that ran or not.

Leaving most what we had with us behind, the party started chasing the gnoll as we were chasing I started healing myself, in addition Fizz handed me a healing potion of his own make which I accepted gratifyingly.

After following the steps for a while we found a large gnoll encamped with enough gnolls I could not bother to count them, and it looked as if they were readying for war. Frigus as it happens speak gnollish and overheard what seemed to be one of their commanders saying: “We move in 2 days, to destroy the hated ones.” as he saw the one who fled running among the camp.



The others wanted to cause commotion and try to pick a few of them off, I was stating my disapproval of this plan and thought the ones who wanted to try something tricky might be too smart for their own good. I wanted us to lick our wounds and head back. The group, once they started extrapolating what could be a plan, realized that it was way to risky and we decided to head back. I was glad, not being in the mood to try and retrieve corpses on my first outing. They might have been strong willed, but even I could see that encampment would bring nothing but death to us.

As we decided to not give away our information advantage we started heading back to collect our things. On our way back, it started to get dark. Getting back to the pillars we found our equipment intact and scavenged the corpses of the gnolls, finding some coin and a yellow gem.

We decided, again against my wishes to rest in the place where the enemy knew we had been, at the pillars of flame. Being part of the military there was one thing that they always tried to train us to do. One of the few things that ever stuck with me: “Never let the enemy have the information.”. Staying where the enemy knew we were, it’s suicide.

Being distraught about the situation I decided to take first watch, Fizz joining me. Nothing much happened during our watch. Which soothed me somewhat, the gnolls would have found us by now if they pursued.

As our watch grew to a close, I went to catch my sleep. Perhaps we could sleep for the night in peace… I woke to the terrible screams of one of our members. As I rose I saw him being torn to shreds by this giant bird.

We immediately sprung into action. It was close to the ground so a few of those who were closer managed to hurt the beast with their melee weapons. As the beast started to look weak after the first flurry of blows, the vulture struck out. Clawing and gashing at Frigus who already looked rough. But even in his beat-up state Frigus managed to my great surprise avoid the onslaught of the vulture. Seeing my opportunity, I decided to let loose my trusted Javelin; wishing for it to strike its mark. But in my haste, I threw it way wide. The Javelin flew off disappearing into the woods. As my javelin flew past one of our members slew the beast with a decisive blow. Watching the beast fall and my javelin soaring off I steered into the woods. I wished that I could go search for it, but with the party being hurt from the encounter with the vulture and it being in the middle of the night I had to let it go.

As we inspected the beast, Rezzocanezzen started cutting into the beast. Fizz walked up to him and pecked his hand a bit. This went on for a small bit before I, knowing Fizz said: “I don’t think he wants you to skin his kin.”. Just as I said this however, Rezzo found something inside of the Vulture. The thing he found was stone like, round, with a glyph inscribed in it. He inspected it and said that it was some kind of “Calling Stone”. I don’t know anything about magic but Rezzo and Fizz understood that this meant there was another. Fizz grabbing the knife looked reluctantly at the Vulture and before I could say anything started cutting it, trying to find the other stone. He had cut for a little while as he found another round stone like object. Fizz looked deflated draped in bird blood he handed the stone to Rezzo and moved to clean himself off. Frigus helped him however using his magic to get the blood of of Fizz’s feathers. After a while we all decided that it was we had to get back to sleep, for us to be rested before dawn.

The rest of the night went by without any trouble, awaking a bit shaken by the events but in otherwise good shape. With the night giving us the strength we needed we continued to head back to the city. We reported what we found to the Major which cursed the gnolls for destroying the pillars, but were glad that we made it back in one piece.


OOC: In character Fizz probably helped Shin write this in character and embellished a bit of the words from his own recollection.


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