Expedition to Sleeper Island

Venturing into a Yuan-ti Lair

Exploring with Party of Range Specialists & HealersĀ 

The party assembled at the Axe & Thistle where they nominated Scoria takes be the party lead. Ghorth safely led the group to the Pillars. Shortly after Vol & Caleb “[found] signs of a lair. There are too many tracks consistently consistency heading in one direction for this to be a coincidence. After some investigation you think this lair could be around eighteen miles away to the south east. The trail is rough and you’ll need to take this into account before deciding to search the area.” The group takes note, but continues on to the Yuan-ti lair. Teshin provides a scouting report during the uneventful march.

After investigating the main entrance it appeared the main doors were unlocked and not trapped. However, in an attempt to take the advantage to the enemy the party choose to flank the primary doors to investigate the south eastern corridor. It was empty other than a vestibule area for visitors to leave their gear. A nearby door was locked and appeared to be trapped. Without a rogue to handle the obstacle the party double backed to the main doorway.

They got back to the main door and entered into main chamber. The carnage of the previous party’s encounter has been cleaned up, but remnants of the battle remain. Blood stained the floors and splatter marks covered portions of the walls. Broken pieces of furniture were scattered on the floor. The slain foes had been removed and there was no evidence of any creatures present. A large statue with gem eyes stood in the room. Frost dropped to a knee and began to pray to the gods. Minutes later he opened his eyes and gazed at the statue. There was a light magical shroud of holy energy covering its edifice. The party choose not to steal the gems and upset its deity. 

A locked door in the central northern section of the room appeared to be locked and the party moved on to the western door of the main chamber room. The party safely opened the door and continued in the northern direction to the end of the hallway where they turned to the west. The entire way there were blood trails of dragged bodies. 

Standing before them was a large stone door. It was tightly sealed. Vol & Caleb opened the heavy door. They managed to not be extremely loud. Vol peeked through the now quarter cracked open door. A female Yuan-ti priestess stood before bodies wrapped in linen. A large snake creature with his arms crossed above her watched the work. He noticed Vol’s eyes and combat began…

Ghorth charged down the hallway and firing two arrows that connected hitting the Yuan-ti Abomination. More adventurers charged the hallway, but it created a funnel of death that the Abomination aimed his arrows into. More ranged attacks are volleyed back at the Abomination. The Yuan-ti priestess looked at Ghorth and motioned for him to approach her and tend to the bodies. Combat continued…

More arrows flew in the direction of the Abomination. More connected with their target than miss. Eventually he appeared to be haggard and began to slow down. The priestess made multiple attempts at coercing Teshin to leave with the rest of the party. He ignored her and attacked instead. She fired back with a poison attack that sprayed out of her hand. 

As she did this Ghorth snapped out of his daze confused as to why he would ever be willing to help her. He chargeds towards her pulling out his great axe as he approached. He connected with two violent slashes and droppeds her to the floor. The rest of the fire is concentrated on the large Yuan-ti until he was slain. 

The party began to search for treasure. Ghorth attempted to skin the tail of the large Yuan-ti, but failed miserably as he has no experience skinning snakes. The party was able to collect a large long bow with 10 oversized arrows, a large scimitar about the size of a standard great sword, loose gold and less valuable coins. They collected their booty, dropped the gear into a bag of holding before carrying on. 

They searched the room for additional entry points. Brie located another dead end. In the northwest corner of the room stood another stone door. The first attempt failed, but with a combined effort the door slid open. They crept through the next passageway and approached a portcullis. Undetected they saw a Yuan-ti priestess performing a ritual in a moderately sized ceremonial chamber.

A plan was devised and executed. Ghorth drank a potion and he grew in stature. He walked up to the portcullis and ripped it up towards the ceiling. The remainder of the party charged into the room to engage the yuan-tis near the completion of their ritual. The priestess appeared to be concentrating on the ritual either ignoring or unaware of the intruders. Additional adventurers swarmed the room as the ceremony continued. Combat began…

Scoria rushed into the room in an effort to shatter the opposition. Caleb stabbed a javelin tip into the crack between the gate and the wall. In the process he noticed a lever on the interior of the room. Someone ran inside to flip the switch and Ghorth was able to release his arms from the now secured gate. He quickly drew his bow and pulled 2 arrows out of his quiver firing them in succession at the malison inflicting a substantial amount of damage. 

Then a portal was opened. From it emerged the reddish skin of a humanoid. It clawed its way out of the portal and took a quick glance at the pureblood priestess and begins speaking to him in abyssal. He replied, “Yes mistress! What do you want? Why did you bring me here?” The priestess responded, “Intruders! Remove them from this life so we can complete our plans!” The party is warned of their intentions and continued to engage them in combat.

Now under instruction from the priestess the Incubus turned to Teshin and successfully charmed him with his gaze. Brie’s wolf Asha charged into the room and attacked the Yuan-ti malison on the other side of the room. Visibly wounded it fought to survive. That is until Ghorth fired an arrow taking down the malison. He then turned his body and fired an arrow hitting the Incubus before running behind Brie to avoid attack. Brie urged Asha to attack the priestess. Then Ghorth assisted with 2 well placed arrows killing the priestess. In the primary melee, Scoria mocked the Incubus which was followed by a series of targeted attacks at this new enemy until he was put to his death from the energy of Caleb’s Spirit Guardian.

The party rushed to the aid of Teshin. His skin was already turning purple. His lips quickly turned black. Ghorth, Caleb & the numerous healers attempted to stabilize him. Ghorth’s healer’s kit & goodberries, Caleb & Frost’s numerous cleric spells, & even Yuant-ti blood did nothing. Brie reminded everyone, “the Incubus did say he feasted on her soul.” Every attempt was made, but the party had no solution. The Incubus had taken an adventurer. Teshin had fallen.

Some of the party members tended to Teshin’s body while others looted the carcasses of the dead enemies. The bodies had little to nothing of value. Behind them was a large bookshelf over 30 feet in length and at least 10 feet high. Vol walked up to investigate. He turned to the party, “Get over here! This is more than one man can handle.” Scoria pulled a book of the shelf and it rattled. Laying inside the book cut out pages was a wand. Scoria picked up the wand and attempted to wield it with no effect. That along with all of Teshin’s equipment was placed inside the bag of holding. Ghorth healed Scoria and the party carried on. 

They continued on to the door along the northern wall. They headed north until they turned left to a long open corridor that split. The southern direction led to yet another dead end, but the northern route led to new door. The sounds of snakes could be heard from the hallway. Ghorth kicked in the door with his oversized foot and takes a moderate amount of damage that he absorbs with his Stone’s Endurance. After see another Yuan-ti Abomination he yelled in the air casting a spell targeted at his closely grouped party allowing them to charge into the room and gain the advantage in the early seconds of battle. Combat began…

As the party entered the room they noticed more foes in their way. Alongside the abomination is a yuan-ti pureblood and a spiked devil. Vol entered the room firing arrows at the pureblood quickly ending her life. Brie did the same thing towards the spiked devil. Brie noticed the devil’s armor resisted much of the damage from the arrow. The devil swung its spiked tail at Brie, but missed. The abomination targeted Brie and fired an oversized arrow into Brie’s torso knocking her to the floor where she began to bleed profusely. More arrows were sent towards Scoria with mixed results, but those that did inflicted substantial damage. The abomination screamed at the party taunting them after a successful series of powerful ranged attacks from his bow. Vol fought back with a Hail of Thorns attacking both remaining foes. The spiked devil was killed from a plethora of splinters. Screaming the abomination turned and fired arrows at Ghorth connecting with a powerful blast. A surge of poison flowed through Ghorth’s veins. Despite this he managed to fire 2 arrows at the abomination and connects with both attacks. He then ran into the hallway to get out of range and sought assistance from Caleb or a fellow cleric.

Caleb used his Channel Divinity to cure Ghorth of the heavy wounds he succumbed to seconds before. Ranged attacks continued to fire through the doorway towards the abomination. Alone and desperate the abomination rushed past the doorway and into the corridor with his large scimitar high above his head ready to attack in a last ditch effort to survive, but it was too late. He began speaking in serpent tongues. Frightened Ghorth ran down the hallway away from the engagement. The abomination stood firmly and continued to fight. The serpent attacked Brie with his tail once again knocking her unconscious. Caleb took a heavy blow from his oversized scimitar, but he endures. Surrounded the serpent creature is quickly put to his death.

Ghorth in his oversized state lifted the abomination’s body off of a trapped Brie. She was quickly healed by multiple clerics and Ghorth’s healer’s kit. The group beaten from combat decided to take a short rest. Ghorth however decided to skin the abomination and this time much more successfully. Slightly recovered the group headed back to the locked door they left earlier in the main chamber room. Ghorth smashed the door open only to find another long empty corridor. They continued on until they found a T juncture only to discover that one direction led to an obvious dead end and the other to a new door. While approaching Vol accidentally set off a trap that shot a lightning bolt in his face. Ghorth walked over and lifted the iron door like the strongman he is only to find an abandoned room. 

That is until someone noticed a set of bone dice on the ground. A sign next to it read, “Beware. It’s a trap!” The party ignored the dice and moved on to the next door. They proceeded though the hallway. The sound of chattering teeth come from around the corner. Cirris advanced to investigate, but failed to approach using much steal. A floating flameskull emerged noticing Cirris advancing on his position. Combat began…


Fire poured out of the flameskull’s eyes inflicting substantial wounds on Cirris. The party advanced to help their comrade. Another flameskull appeared. In a matter of moments both Brie and Scoria fell, but they are quickly saved by their healers. Combat resumed as both sides peeked around corners to attack the other. After a back and forth battle were the party took heavy damage they managed to safely disengaged from combat and retreat safely back to the entrance of the lair. The adventurers decided to head back to White Moon Cove to get reinforcements before venturing deeper into the yuan-ti lair. They quickly prepared for the long march back to town and headed off into the darkness. They trekked through the night without incident and shortly after sunrise managed to reach the town limits. The tired scouting party headed back to the Axe & Thistle to quench their thirst and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.


Koreapsu MandalorianMangler

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