Expedition to Sleeper Island

West of Town, Gnolls!!!!


A group of new adventurers, 5 of us in total, traveled west of town in search of gnolls. We met up with a small group of the beasts about 16 hours or so west. We were able to sneak up on the group and could see that there were only three. The group killed all three very quickly with only one of us being injured. I had remembered people talking in town that there use to be two pillars where healing had occurred when you walked through them. The gnolls were dancing around what appeared to be the remains of these pillars. One gnoll got away and ran west. We pursued the gnoll slowly and stealthily. We came to an encampment were a large camp of the beasts were gearing up for war. I could hear what they were saying as I had learned gnoll long ago when I studied though out my adventures had learned to hate the creatures and they became a favored enemy of mine. The group of adventurers and I decided to head back to town to warn that the encampment was planning on attacking. 


That night we made camp in the wilderness where we slayed the gnolls. The fires from the pillars kept us warm. While we slept I was attacked by a Giant Vulture which almost ripped some of my ribs out of my chest. I was severely wounded. I managed to attack the creature with the rest of the group and took it down. In the guts of the beast the group found a set of stones which I have no knowledge of. One of the group members said that you could talk through them… a mystery to me. 


We were able to return to town and pass on the word about the location of the encampment and the destroyed pillars. 


Koreapsu jam_416

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