Rumors and Leads

1.02 Great Wyrm

North of the Lost Springs there is the home of a great wyrm. This creature is fearsome, but in the depths of the springs lies a weapon that can defeat it with a single blow.

1.02 Peaks of Flame

The Peaks of Flame signal the awakening of the Sleeper.

1.03 Ubtao's Lizards

Ubtao left many creations in Katashaka, primarily huge reptiles.

1.04 Slivers

Beware the darkest groves and most of all heed the warnings written on the rocks, the Slivers have made their homes in the forests.

1.05 Specks

The Specks want nothing to do with the Tabaxi, they want nothing to do with Ubtao, or the pink flesh people. They live in the forests, and won't tolerate you for long. Do not cut down their sacred trees.

1.07 Tribes

Foul creatures have made tribes, with the Tabaxi going these low beings may take a new place on Katashaka. They live in the plains, foothills and deserts.

1.08 Warning?

Take the fair warning. Turn back to the north before you die.

1.09 Shipwrecks

Huge waves batter the shores to the south. Strange vessels have been washed up on the rocks there. It is forbidden to remove anything from these wrecks.

1.10 Desert of Flies

The Desert of Flies is to be avoided. The sand storms are certain death and hold the spirits of evil ancestors.

1.11 Prison

Some say Katashaka was used as a great prison by the gods themselves. Strange ruins litter the land, some connected to other ruins through mystic portals. The prisoners fled and returned to their homes, but what lives in the prison now is unknown. There is a prison on the Ishah Plains next to the pertrified remains of a Titan.

1.2 The Road

We need a road of sorts built from here to the Lake of Songs far to the west. We don't need you to build, but if you could blaze a trail that would be great. If you head directly west out of town, through the Ishah Plains, through the Silent Forest, then you're going the right way.
Blaze a trail west.

1.2 The Swamp Thing

There's a large thing in the swamp to the south. We try not to go near it but people have heard noises outside their windows at nigth and they are starting to get spooked. Perhaps you could look into it?
Check out Ghostwood Marsh to the south for some large beastie.

1.2 Old Town

To the north are the remains of an old settlement. It might be worth having a look through the area to see if there is anything of value.
Investigate the ruins to the north.

1.2 Sheep Missing

Look, we're losing sheep at quite a rate. It may sound like a bit of a joke but they are vital to us, and more than that, losing the sheep disrupts the people – it's bad for morale. I need something done about it.
Look to the south and find the reason why the sheep are vanishing.

1.2 The Ishah Plains

There are bloody goblins and gnolls on the plains. Get them to piss off or get them dead.
Solve the goblin and gnoll problem.

Rumors and Leads

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